Whether you are buying, selling, leasing or gifting, I can provide the assistance you need to do it properly.

Property Conveyance

If you need a deed prepared to sell or gift your property, I will be happy to assist you. Each deed must be recorded and must be accompanied by a real estate transfer return. I prepare all real estate transfer returns online.

Life Estates

If you are interested in conveying the remainder interest in your residence to your children and retaining the right to live in the residence for your remaining lifetime, I can help.

Residence Trusts

A qualified personal residence trust (QPRT) allows you to transfer your residence to your children for less than full fair market value. The trust is structured so you retain the use of your home for a term of years after which the home is distributed to your children.

If you still need to reside in your home after the QPRT term ends, prior to when the trust terminates it will be necessary to enter into a lease agreement. I can help you determine if a QPRT is right for you.

Lease Agreements

Another situation when a lease agreement may be appropriate is when you have a second residence and you want to lease the primary or second residence for a period of time.

Real Estate Gifting

If leveraging the value of the gift to your children (i.e. reducing the value for gift tax purposes) is important for federal estate tax purpose, I will be happy to discuss the various options of gifting a residence in greater detail.