Interested in starting a Non-Profit or Charitable Organization?

There are many forms of operation available under the IRS regulations for tax exempt organizations depending upon what type of organization you are forming. For example Social Clubs, Scholarship funds, private foundations, Churches, Schools, food pantries, Supporting Organizations, all have different code sections under the internal revenue code granting them tax exempt status.

If your organization is going to conduct its own charitable purpose and be supported by charitable donations then it would be a §501(c)(3) organization. I draft the documents necessary to organize your tax exempt entity, documents to create a private foundation or charitable organization or to create a charitable trust or a private foundation in a will or revocable trust.

Obtaining Tax Exempt Status

Do you need to obtain tax exempt status for an existing organization or for a new not for profit organization? I can prepare Form 1023 for your organization and advise you regarding any supporting documentation required to apply for tax exempt status.

Qualifying for Tax Exempt Status Problematic?

Have you applied for Tax Exempt Status for an organization or a charitable entity and you are having problems qualifying? I can reform your organizations documents to comply with the regulations to obtain tax-exempt status.

I also reform charitable entities operating documents if they are defective to obtain the intended tax exempt status and assist you with complying with the requests of the IRS exempt status agent when applying for exempt status.

Preparation of the Tax Returns Required

I can assist you with determining whether a Form 990 or Form 990PF is required for your organization and assist you with organizing and establishing the records necessary to properly report contributions received, income and expenses on the tax returns for the organization.

Consulting services for other professionals

Do you have a client who wants to form a tax exempt or charitable entity? Do you have a client who formed a charity in their estate plan documents and now that they passed away you have to complete Form 1023 to obtain the tax exempt status for the charitable trust or private foundation?

Do you need assistance with preparing a Form 990 or Form 990PF? I am available on a consulting basis to assist you to serve your client’s needs in any manner required.