When organizing a business, you need to go through several steps to organize the business for operations: organize the company under state law, obtain federal and state required tax identification numbers, obtain business permits, organize and prepare the company business Minute Book if required under state law, protect any trademarks, draft operational documents such as leases or employment contracts or employee handbooks, establish a bookkeeping system, and report and file employer taxes and payroll if required.

I have a legal assistant who prepares some of the basic documents under my supervision to keep the costs of establishing and maintaining your business operations as low as possible. I offer bookkeeping services and payroll services at reduced rates.

Form of Business Operations

There are four basic forms of business organizations available, and there are many factors to consider when selecting which form of business operation is best for you. The proper choice of the form of business operation will affect your business for a long time. Obtaining my assistance or the assistance of another attorney who is knowledgeable in this practice area is critical to your success.

Bookkeeping Services

I offer bookkeeping services through my paralegal at reduced rates. My paralegal can enter your income and expenses on a monthly basis. If you require interim reports my paralegal can provide many different reports on a request basis or quarterly if desired.

Payroll Services

I offer payroll services to my clients through my paralegal again at reduced rates. If you also have my firm provide your bookkeeping services, the payroll services are integrated into the bookkeeping and all employer taxes or salaries are input into the bookkeeping system automatically. Payroll services include preparation of employee paychecks, preparation of all required federal and state employer tax forms, W-2s, and 1099s.